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Welcome to LT-PremiumAssist, the technical support, training, and community website for users of License Tracker's LT-Analyzer (historical usage analysis) and LT-Live (real-time usage monitor) software products.

What's Inside

On the site you will have access to:

  • technical forum - for discussing the use of LT-Analyzer and LT-Live, as well as surrounding technologies (like license servers) and business issues and opportunities around software usage analysis
  • webinars
  • chat with technical support staff
  • schedule one-on-one web meetings
  • community forum - to discuss matters of personal interest with other members of the community

How to Get In

In order to gain access to the site you must have a userID and password.

All licensees of LT-Analyzer with maintenance contracts in place will have multiple LT-PremiumAssist userIDs

LT-Analyzer users with technology access through either a Data Source Strategic Partnership or a Global License will need to purchase an Online Support Contract through the store on this site.

Subscriptions to the LT-Live Community may also be purchased through the store on this site.

If you have any questions, please contact: sales [at] licensetracker.ca